Origine Sprint Camo XS


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The new Sprint jet helmet is a reinterpretation of a timeless classic with an added flip down visor.

An icon of style and safety, the Sprint helmet is constructed of high impact thermoplastic material certified according to the ece2205 saftey standards.

Attention to details such as improved inner liner fit and finish have been created according to requests from the market.


Features :


  • Interior liners are removable and washable
  • Micrometric chin strap retention system
  • Integrated sun shield


Size chart :

XS : 53/54 cm

S : 55/56 cm

M : 57/58 cm

L : 59/60 cm

XL : 61/62 cm


Gewicht 1522 kg
Afmetingen 296 × 294 × 266 cm